Download Biomembranes: Signal Transduction Across Membranes, Volume 3 1995
Newsroom computer system.
Search, view, share and broadcast.

Download Biomembranes: Signal Transduction Across Membranes, Volume 3 1995

The EGs NewsWorks news automation used by many reporters and news department was introduced to the visitors between 7-11 October 2009 in CeBIT Broadcast, Cable & Satellite Eurasia 2009 held at the TUYAP Fairground in Istanbul- Beylikduzu.

Kanal D Romania started with Cinegy-NewsWorks

English version of NewsWorks is now in Romania Kanal D.

NewsWorks has been exhibited at NAB 2006 'Las Vegas'

NewsWorks has also taken place in the world's greatest broadcasting fair this year; NAB in Las Vegas, USA. NewsWorks took attention of visitors at the stand of Cinegy.

NewsWorks has been exhibited at IBC'05 in Amsterdam.

NewsWorks has also taken place in the one of great broadcasting fair IBC'05 in Amsterdam, Holland. NewsWorks took attention of visitors at the stand of a German firm, Cinegy. The system that was exhibited working along with Cinegy broadcasting automation will also expand abroad soon.

From now on NewsWorks is also MOS compatible

MOS protocol, that has become a standard in the scope of news, makes it possible for data transportation between various broadcasting systems. The data transportation between NewsWorks and broadcasting automation systems is much easier from now on.

The video archive of Doğan Media Center is now at NewsWorks

Channel D has begun to use Cinegy <--> NewsWorks integration by August 2005. Reporters tell that their speed of work have been doubled by NewsWorks. CNN-Turk, Star TV and Doğan News Agent (DHA) has begun to use NewsWorks version that is adjusted to MOS.

NewsWorks works in multi languages now

NewsWorks which has become a newsroom standard in Turkey, will expand abroad soon with the languages it sustains. The system that is capable of working in Turkish and English at the moment is also being organized with French and German additions.

Latest users of NewsWorks

NewsWorks TV newsroom system

Download Biomembranes: Signal Transduction Across Membranes, Volume 3 1995

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    Key NewsWorks Features

  • Wires Communication Server (support for 16 wire inputs per installed PC) The communication server keeps NewsWorks system in touch with the outside world
  • NewsWorks MOS Server
  • Highly efficient wires browser, it supports alerts for urgent stories, User can drag wire copy into a script or rundown
  • Full text wires and story searching
  • Common story pool
  • Reporter story pools
  • Customized private story pools
  • Integrated video browse capability
  • Embedded CG, News Title, stills and video objects
  • Supports unlimited story size and unlimited embedded objects
  • Supports unlimited rundowns
  • Insert of “Breaking News” at any spot at any time
  • Ability to send rundowns to NewsWorks MOS Server via TCP/IP
  • Ability to drag and drop video directly to rundowns story without having to create MOS IDs. (for breaking news get to air faster)
  • NewsWorks MOS Server supports connections of 50 users at the same time. And sends rundowns coming from clients to MOS Gateways. And keeps all connected users informed
  • All active clients update automatically when any changes are made on rundowns by any user
  • NewsWorks users can receive immediate notification when new stories arrive
  • Full drag & drop movement of items between wires, story pools and rundowns
  • Messaging between users (users send messages to other users or groups)
  • Integrated e-mail (pop3 and smtp)
  • Integrated web browser
  • Automatic synchronization of clients
  • Autosave option to recover unsaved stories
  • Created by / time, changed by / time history
  • Story locking to prevent simultaneous editing
  • Unlimited calendar based future planning
  • Detailed contact information about people and organizations. Contacts are stores in the shared database. Contacts can be public or private
  • Online update backup server, with immediate redundancy on primary server failure
  • Customizable user wire baskets
  • Customizable wires future search. Users can customise their own notifications in the NewsWorks
  • Support for remote access users
  • Support for editinig, sending stories and browsing wires from the internet browser
  • Easy to use with simple user interface
  • Adding, removing or editing users on the system by general system settings
  • Users customizable settings
  • Working with multiple workgroups
  • NewsWorks can be set up for multiple locations
  • Customizable still templates (Newsboards)

NCS Modules

  • NewsWorks MOS Server
  • NewsWorks Wires Server
  • NewsWorks File Server
  • NewsWorks Communication Server -Supports all Wires (AA, Reuters, RTV, SNTV, AP, AFP, CHA, DHA, IHA)
  • Wires Browser
  • NewsWorks Newsroom System
  • NewsWorks Newsroom System region
  • NewsWorks On the NET (accessing from internet browser)
  • NewsWorks STILL EDITOR
  • Timecode Archive Module
  • Rundown module integrated with Cinegy system
  • Cinegy Video browser
  • MOS v2.81 compatible

Hardware Specs:

  • NewsWorks File Servers (two recommended):
    Dual-processor Pentium, 1 GHz or faster
    2048 Mb RAM
    60+ GB drives in RAID-5 array
    CD-ROM drive
    Windows 2000 Server or later (latest Service Packs from Microsoft)
    Network adapter
  • Communication Wires Server:
    Pentium IV or faster
    512 Mb RAM
    HDD 20+ GB
    CD-ROM drive
    Windows 2000, XP or later (latest Service Packs from Microsoft)
    Multi-Port Serial Card: (one per news wire feed)
    Network adapter
  • NewsWorks MOS Server:
    Pentium IV or faster
    512 Mb RAM
    HDD 20+ GB
    CD-ROM drive
    Windows 2000, XP or later (latest Service Packs from Microsoft)
    Network adapter
  • NewsWorks Client Workstations:
    Pentium IV or faster
    512 Mb RAM
    17" monitor recommended (Minimal Resolution must be 1024x768)
    HDD 40+ GB
    Windows 2000, XP or later (latest Service Packs from Microsoft)
    Network adapter

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